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Stay Up Late and Get a Cat: Barry Jonsberg

Good Evening! And welcome to Stay Up Late and Get A Cat – a whole new series of blog posts where we share writing advice from writers.

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Tonight on Stay and Late and Get a Cat we will be picking the brains of LoveOzYA author Barry Jonsberg, author of My Life as an Alphabet and Being Here and the soon to be released, A Song Only I Can Hear. 

So let’s hear from Barry!

Photo of author Barry Jonsberg

Hi, splendid Inside A Dog peeps!

So you want to write a YA novel! Splendid. Here’s what you do:

  1. Get yourself a writing space [could be a study, could be your bed, could be a cupboard under the stairs [where have I heard that before?]
  2. Write there, every day – yup, that means birthdays and Christmas.
  3. Have a word target – 500 minimum – and don’t leave until you’ve hit it.
  4. Take chances with your writing, have fun and be different, because someone’s already done The Hunger Games [or whatever]. Don’t worry about the quality of your writing, just get the story down.
  5. When you’re finished, WORRY ABOUT THE QUALITY OF YOUR WRITING AND NOTHING ELSE. Re-write. Then re-write. Re-write again. Oh. Then re-write. When you think it’s finished, re-write.
  6. When it’s the best it can be … Start the next book.

Simple, huh?

Thanks Barry! Simple!

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