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Presented by State Library Victoria

New feed function!

Behind the scenes we’re always working to make the site better and easier to use. One of the big things that we’ve noticed is that sometimes it can be hard to find each other’s posts if you’re not already following each other, and with new users joining the site every day it can be difficult to keep up!

So, we’ve redesigned the ‘My Feed’ function so that it shows all new posts on the site! Hooray! This means you’ll be able to browse all new content on the site in one location. Check it out:


You can still look at the feed for specific blogs, books and authors by clicking on those options under the ‘Following’ heading on the left-hand side, but this way it’ll be way easier for you to find new posts, blogs and friends!

If you have any feedback about the site, any suggestions about how to make it easier to use and more fun for all of you, head to our feedback form and let us know!



This is awesome!! This way I'll be able to find some more cool people!! Thanks everyone :)

15th Nov, 18

It's about time ;) Now I can browse with ease instead of opening 15 tabs

10th Jan, 19