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How to: use content notes

We recommend the use of Content Notes at the top of a post. What’s a content note? It’s a way to signpost that a post includes certain topics or information which may not be suitable for young users, or might be upsetting for some people.

Topics such as self harm, suicide, violence, eating disorders and so forth can be confronting when people are not expecting to encounter them, and giving people the option to avoid topics they are not wanting to read about is a good way to look after each other. Sometimes a moderator might ask you to add a content note to your post out of consideration for other users.

Making a content note is simple:

  • inside the text box write CN or Content Note followed by a colon (that’s this guy : )
  • Next to your CN: or Content Note: write the key topics/issues you think people might want a heads up about eg.

Content Note: eating disorders, self harm

  • you can use the editing tools at the top of the text field to bold, italic or increase font size on your warning if you want to draw attention to it

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Thank you, I will be sure to use this in the future.

4th Jul, 18