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How-to: BookTube

Booktube is a community of people on Youtube who love books, and who share their passion for reading by creating videos.

It’s easy to get started as a Booktuber. Although all the perfectly lit and edited Booktube videos you see may be intimidating, you don’t need to go out and buy fancy equipment or editing software. To film well-lit videos, take advantage of natural sunlight by filming near a window. You can use your smart phone for filming, and the free editing software available on your computer will do the job just fine! You can buy nicer gear later on if you wish, but in the beginning your passion and enthusiasm are all that are needed.

Booktube is a great way for bookworms to share their love of reading with other like-minded people. It also allows you to be creative and talk about books in a fun and dynamic way! If you want to be involved in the Booktube community but don’t feel comfortable creating your own videos, you can interact with other Booktubers by leaving comments underneath their videos, or reaching out to them on their many other platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

For aspiring Booktubers who have a voracious Booktube viewing habit, use this in your favour! Learn from your favourite Booktubers by noting down the sort of videos you enjoy watching and why you liked them. Then try to incorporate what you liked about these videos into your own videos.

Now onto the content. Most Booktube videos are on TBRs, wrap ups, book hauls, book reviews, book discussions, book tags, and book challenges. But don’t limit yourself to these if you have an amazing and different idea for a video!

Below are the descriptions for the types of Booktube videos you can create.


Videos that showcase the ‘to be read’ books you’re planning to read in the coming month.


Videos that are on either general or specific thoughts on the books you read over a certain period of time, usually a month.

Book hauls

Videos on the books you’ve purchased, received or borrowed.

Book tags

Videos on that requires you to answer a series of themed book-related questions. Book tags are fun games that you can participate in and ‘tag’ other members of the book community. Here is a list of some Booktube tags you can do. Remember to always credit the person who created the tag because it’s uncool not to reference them for their original and unique idea!

Book challenges

Videos on themed book reading events you can participate in. These book challenges usually have certain rules set out by the hosts of the challenge.

Remember not to get bogged down by the number of subscribers or the number of views and likes your videos receiving. The most important thing about Booktube is that you’re having fun and discovering new books to add to your TBR!