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Help: my feed

When you feel like reading new posts and seeing what’s new on the site, the best place to go is your feed.

Your feed shows you recent writing on blogs you follow, and posts about the books and authors you love. To set up your feed, first you have to follow a few blogs, books and authors.

You get to My feed by going to the dropdown menu on the right-hand side of the page.

To help get you started, everyone automatically follows the News blog and the Dog’s Advisory Board blog. You’re subscribed to these two blogs when you join the site – after that, it’s up to you to add to your feed.

How do I add to my feed?

To find blogs to follow, go to the Search page and enter book titles, fandoms, authors, genres etc that you love. Then click on the tabs to sort your results into lists of books, authors and blogs. Have a look around the site and see what you can find.

To follow a blog, click on the Follow blog button that appears in the right-hand side bar on the blog. Now that you’re following a blog, you’ll see new posts from it in your feed every time you log in.

To follow authors and books, go to their page, scroll down and click on the Follow posts about this author/book button. As well as following books and authors, you can also write posts about them from these pages too. Here’s an example of what an author page looks like.

What happens when I follow a book?

When you follow a book, you’ll see all the posts on the site that are linked to that book in your feed when you log in. This is why we encourage you to link your posts to books and authors – so people can find your posts in their feeds!

When you click on the Write about this book button and write about the book, your post will then appear on the related book page and in people’s feeds if they follow that book.

Sometimes when you follow a book, you’ll find that there aren’t any posts about that book – so feel free to write one!

You can find new books to follow by searching the site. When you first log in, there won’t be any books in your list. Click on the Find more books to follow link, and you’ll be taken to the search page.

How do I follow authors and are they writing posts?

When you follow authors, they’re not actually writing for the site (we wish!). We do try to get as many authors as we can to contribute to the site as part of the Writers in Residence program but no, JK Rowling will never be one of them…

So when you follow an author, you’re following posts written about the author, not by the author.

Author pages work just like book pages – if you add a link to an author in the post you’re writing, your post will appear on the author page and in readers’ feeds if they follow that book. Sometimes, there won’t be any posts about an author, but you can always write one.

You can find new authors to follow by searching the site. When you first log in, there won’t be any authors listed in your list. Click on the Find more authors to follow link, and you’ll be taken to the search page.

What next?

Now you know how the feed works, here are some other things to try:

Help is always in there when you need it, at the top of every page on the site.