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Help: contributors

What’s a contributor?

A contributor is someone who can write content on a blog you own. They can write posts and see drafts so it’s a great way to share work, interests and learn about feedback. You can see who contributes to a blog by looking at the profile images on the right-hand side of any blog.

What can a contributor do?

They can:

  • add new posts
  • delete and edit posts they have written
  • see all drafts and published posts on the blog.

They can’t:

  • delete or edit anyone else’s posts
  • contribute to a private blog (only public blogs can have contributors)
  • change the blog settings (eg. blog banner, description, contributors etc).

How do I add a contributor to one of my blogs?

Go to Blog settings > Contributors and search for people by username. Then click the Add button next to their name.

Can a remove a contributor?

Anytime, but be courteous and respectful of the work they’ve contributed. When you remove a contributor, their work is set to draft and they can’t access it anymore. Let them know before you remove them so they can take a copy of their work if they wish. People can also remove themselves if they want to.

How do I become a contributor on someone else’s blog?

Comment on their blog and ask them. They need to invite you to join their blog. Once you’ve been invited to a blog, its title will appear on your Manage blogs page under Blogs I contribute to. Then you’ll be able to add and manage your own posts (but no one else’s).

What next?

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