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Help: set up your blog

Blogging is a lot of fun once you get started, and one of the goals of this site is to make it easy to do. When you log in for the first time, you automatically get a blog named, unimaginatively, My first blog. So what can you do on your blog?

It starts off as a blank slate – pretty bland.

You can personalise the look of your blog by changing the background and the banner image. You can also add a description and, when you’re ready, contributors.

How do I change the way my blog looks?

Whenever you are on your blog, you will see three black buttons in the top right-hand corner. They are your best friends. These buttons let you add new posts (Add post), see all the posts on your blog (Manage posts) and make changes that affect your whole blog (Blog settings).

To change the way your blog looks, click on Blog settings. Then you’ll see your Blog details & appearance menu. On this page you can change:

  • Blog title – you can’t change a blog’s web address (URL) but you can change its title anytime
  • Blog description – your blog description appears below the Follow blog button above your profile image on the far right
  • Banner image – make sure your image is high resolution, rectangular, long and not too wide – you can always change it if it doesn’t look right.

How do I change the background?

Your background can be a colour with a simple pattern like this:

Image showing how to add a background pattern

As you choose a pattern and colour, they’ll preview straight away without having to save, so try a few combinations and see what looks best.

You can also upload an image, and choose to have it cover the whole space or appear as repeated tiles. Here’s an example of a tiled layout.

You can do the same thing with images on your computer desktop. To preview this layout, you have to Save changes first.

When you’re done, remember to Save changes.

Who can see my blog?

You can set your blog to be public and visible to everyone who comes to the site or private so only you can see it. You can change this setting anytime as long as you have no contributors. If you have contributors, your blog has to be public.

How many blogs can I have?

Once you join the site, you can make as many blogs as you like by going to Manage blogs in your dropdown menu and clicking the Create new blog button in the top right-hand corner.

How do I make a new blog?

After you’ve clicked on Create a new blog, you’ll be prompted to choose a web address for your blog and a blog name:

  • Blog URL – This is the link that appears in your web browser when you go to your blog. You can’t change this later, so take a moment to think about it. You can’t have spaces or symbols in your blog URL, just letters and numbers.
  • Blog name – Your blog name can be anything you like, including spaces, numbers, symbols and text. You can change this anytime by going to Blog settings.

What next?

Now you know the basics about setting up your blog, here are a few things you could do (if you haven’t already!):

Help is always in there when you need it, at the top of every page on the site.